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    • mindip

      I’m so appalled by the fact that people are saying that “actors should be chosen based on their ability to play the part, not on their race.” Do you guys REALLY, truly believe that there are no people of colour who could have played these roles? That the ONLY people who could play these parts were white??Iwouldn’t even know where to begin listing off talented actors of non-white races. Furthermore, Hollywood does not operate on this basis; please don’t try to pretend like they do. For example, the casting call for Katniss in The Hunger Games specifically asked for Caucasian actresses, ignoring the fact that—though Collins never stated it explicitly—book!Katniss very well might have beenaperson of colour (she’s described as having “olive” skin and dark hair and eyes). Jennifer Lawrence played the role remarkably well—nobody’s denying that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the casting call specifically limited the role to white girls. Another example is Avatar: The Last Airbender.Idon’t think anyone is going to say that they cast the actors because of their talent, yet the majority of the cast is white, despite the fact that characters should have been predominantly Inuit or Asian (depending on where they’re from). So yeah, I’d agree that it’s pretty darn stupid to castaPoC just for the sake of havingatoken PoC in your film/show. But it’s even stupider to refuse to even consider the many incredibly actors of various ethnicities roles just because you want to castawhite person.

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