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Make-Out Monday: The Best 12 Movie Rain Kisses Ever

As the great poet Hillary Duff once said, "Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams."

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1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

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How to alienate every Buzzfeed reader? Say you hate cats, especially "Cat" in Breakfast at Tiffany's. But really, "Cat" absolutely sucks in the movie. With that being said, this scene has to be the most iconic rain kiss in cinema history. If Hepburn had never found her cat I might even say this is the best movie scene of all time.

2. Spiderman:

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Duh, upside-down, superhero, snogging is the perfect recipe for a top rain kiss scene. It's also great because it inspired the Seth and Summer O.C. version.

3. The Notebook: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

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You knew it was coming, you can't just make a list of the best rain kisses and not include The Notebook. When this movie came out, literally girls everywhere dreamed their love lives would be like this (hot rain make-outs with Ryan Gosling look alikes). Is real life like the movies? Who knows, I tell myself the reason why I'm single is because I haven't found a girl who looks like Rachel McAdams yet.

4. Match Point

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So Match Point is admittedly one of Woody Allen's less popular films although critics like the late/great Robert Ebert would beg to differ. But this kissing scene though.

5. Four Weddings and Funeral

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Just because you're not "meant for marriage" doesn't mean you're not meant for love right? So yea, this scene is super cheesy but forget the h8ters, its a movie rain make-out classic.

6. Beauty and the Beast:

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Now, some of you might say "Hey, I don't see any rain." I promise you though, it was literally just raining before this scene and there is a safe bet that the humidity at the Beast's castle is still high/it's still lightly drizzling.

7. Sweet Home Alabama

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Couldn't find the exact scene on so you're going to have to live with a montage set to a pop song I've never heard before. Also, young Reese Witherspoon was a complete babe (and to be equally fair to all orientations, so was/is Patrick Dempsey).

8. Garden State

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The quintessential movie that made us all love The Shins. Actually, Garden State has solid music throughout (Simon and Garfunkel in this scene for instance). Although this kiss ranks on the lower end of the iconic scale, it's still in the rain and it's with Natalie Portman.

9. Singin' in the Rain

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Literally who doesn't know this song? I don't speak from experience since I'm forever alone, but I have always imagined that love feels something like Gene Kelly singing/tap-dancing in the rain. Prove me wrong.

10. Dear John

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So I've never seen this movie but the girl next to me at the coffee shop said I "absolutely just have to include it." So here you are, Buzzfeeders.

11. Cinema Paradiso

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Besides being one of the best examples of Italian film in existence, Cinema Paradiso may be one of the best "love stories" every created. If you've seen this film this kiss was probably one of the many times you found yourself holding back tears.

Relevant: the film's final scene (sans rain)

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I'm really reluctant to spoil this movie for anyone who hasn't viewed it yet but I promise you that you will cry when you see this scene. YOU WILL CRY tears and they will fall like RAIN. Also, if for nothing else, Ennio Morricone has created some of the most beautiful movie scores of all time.

12. A Cinderella Story

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Jimmy Eat World + Hillary Duff/Chad Mike Murray + Rain Make-Out + High School Football = everything that my high school experience wasn't (except Jimmy Eat World because yea, we were all a little bit emo). Tell me you don't remember this kiss and i'll show you someone in denial of pure beauty.

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