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The 11 Cutest Ways To Say You're Sorry

Apologizing is never easy. Here's some tips to get you out of the doghouse. If all else fails, the best excuse is always, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

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1. Show that you really mean it.

Loren Kerns / Via Flickr: lorenkerns

2. Only make an excuse if it's authentic.


3. Give them something they like.

4. Employ puns, but only tastefully.


5. See? Tasteful.


6. Get right to the point.


7. Show off your drawing skills.

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8. Flowers always work, especially when you leave a nice note.

9. Remind them of your good intentions.

10. ... Or train your cat to do this:

11. Whatever you do, just make sure they can actually read your apology.

Trust us, you'll be fine.
Stuart Mclaren / Via

Trust us, you'll be fine.