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10 Ways To Get Out Of Awkward Conversations During The Holidays

Caught in your uncle's untimely political rant? No one will mind if you got distracted during your uncle's rant about global warming as long as your excuse is, “Sorry, I was eating a Milky Way™.”

13 Reasons We Can't Live Without Chocolate

It's hard enough making it through the day without chocolate. Just try to make it through this post without grabbing a Milky Way™ bar.

Happy Accidents That Were For The Best

Think inventing is easy? It's not. But everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and sometimes that's how some of our favorite things have come to be. Who knows what'll happen next time you get distracted. If you do, though, just make sure you tell them, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

The 11 Cutest Ways To Say You're Sorry

Apologizing is never easy. Here's some tips to get you out of the doghouse. If all else fails, the best excuse is always, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

Better Ways To Say You're Sorry

There are as many ways to screw up as there are to say “I’m sorry.” Some apologies are better than others, but the best apology is one that comes from the heart. Of course, the second best apology is “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

The 10 Best Times Newspapers Had To Apologize

Newspapers, look at your lives. Look at your choices. At least if we make mistakes, we don't always have to print our apologies. These newspapers would all have been better off if they'd known the best apology is always, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

How To Say You're Sorry Like A Boss

When you've done something really bad, there's no better way to apologize than with humor. Or cakes. Or both. And if all else fails, there's no better apology than “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

10 People Who Should Have Been Paying More Attention

It’s easy to lose your attention. Especially when you’re staring at the business end of a Milky Way®. But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. And if anyone asks just tell them “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”