Pope Smoke: Expanded Guide to Vatican Smoke Signals

In response to global interest, the Vatican has released an expanded guide to the Papal Conclave smoke signal system.

1. Black Smoke - No new Pope.

2. Orange Smoke - Test smoke. Cardinals just testing smoke.

3. Pink Smoke - New episode of Girls “good but not great”.

4. Yellow Smoke - Random cardinal from South America has turned himself into smoke.

5. Red Smoke - Nachos

6. Purple Smoke - Cardinals watching original Batman on Blu-Ray.

7. Gray Smoke - Regular smoke (there’s a fire).

8. Screamin’ Green™ Smoke - This papal conclave is brought to you by Crayola®.

9. Koffing - Koffing

10. Invisible Smoke - Default Vatican smoke pumped into atmosphere to maintain control over all God’s men and children.

11. White Smoke - New Pope.

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