Milena Perrine

Milena Perrine Milena is a lover of great food, craft beer, year round adventuring in the Rocky Mountains, traveling & learning languages. Accidental recipe developer, photographer and food stylist. Aspiring home brewer. Intentional craft beering practitioner.
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  • 12 Mouthwatering Oktoberfest Eats

    Oktoberfest is a feast of epic proportions - from the Märzen and the dancing to the mouthwatering Bavarian dishes. Here are 12 amazing Oktoberfest recipes that pair perfectly with beer. Some of them even use beer as an ingredient!

  • 7 Beered Up Summer Faves

    You might not even realize it, but many popular summer eats rely on beer to boost their flavor profile or create the perfect texture (hint: crispy). Here are several undisputed crowd pleasers.

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