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    36 Types Of People You Meet In Your Yoga Class


    1. The person who has no idea what they signed up for. Is this class heated???

    2. A hairy guy who decides on a no T-shirt policy.

    3. The hot guy. No T-shirt policy is OKAY!

    4. The "OMG when is this class going to end" person.

    5. The immature person.

    6. The super serious one.

    7. And the new practise inventors.

    8. The yoga Barbie.

    9. The super inflexible person.

    10. And the super flexible one!

    11. The person who doesn't care what they look like.

    12. And the guy who is constantly checking himself out in the mirror.

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    13. The lost.

    CBC / Via

    14. The first timer!

    Universal Pictures / Via

    15. The yoga buddies!

    Universal Pictures / Via

    16. The yoga family.

    17. Hot yoga newbie.

    18. The whiner!

    19. The super toned!

    20. The self-motivator.

    21. Savasna failer!

    22. The crazy one.

    23. The super flexible couple.

    24. The defeated.


    25. The guys who come just for the girls in yoga pants.

    26. The one who is not allowed to leave the class before time.

    Oxygen / Via

    27. The one who has the whole yoga concept wrong.


    28. The free-spirited!

    29. The gross one.

    30. The one who always farts.

    31. And the one that claps at the end of each session. It's not a theater dude.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    32. The bragger.

    33. The sweaty Betty.

    34. The "Yoga changed my life" person.

    35. And of course, the weirdo!

    Fox / Via
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