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18 Moments You Encounter When Flying Budget

Lower your expectations, love.

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1. When your friends suggest a weekend getaway!

2. And you've found a return airfare for $$ !

3. But then you add-on luggage, airport check-in, seat allocation, tax and fuel charges...

4. And end up paying $$$$ !

5. When you get to the airport and realise that only one check-in counter is open.

6. When you finally queue up and you are told that you were supposed to print your own boarding pass.

7. When your hand-carrier is 0.1 kg heavier than it is supposed to be.

8. When the boarding with no seat allocation starts.

9. When you finally make it onboard and secure the entire row for your friends.

10. When despite the fact that everyone is allowed only one carrier bag, there is NO space left.

11. And all that legroom you get!

12. When your flight is 5+ hours and there is no in-flight entertainment.

13. When the only available food selection is a spicy beef curry.

14. When it's freezing, but you can't afford to purchase a blanket.


15. When you ask for a complimentary glass of water.

16. When you show your dissapointment.

17. The answer you get. Everytime!

18. When you fly the same budget airline every week, but you get ZERO miles!

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