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    • MikeyT

      Your second paragraph is flat out incorrect. Unequivocally, irrefutably, and inarguably wrong, wrong, wrong. I have no doubt that you are referring to several studies that came up with the so called “obesity” paradox, that basically purported to establish that some chronic diseases were wasting, and that obesity made you likelier to survive them. What you should have said is that obesity doesn’t affect MORTALITY rates among those who already have the disease. If you are talking about MORBIDITY rates, though, you are 100% certifiably DEAD wrong, and this effect COMPLETELY dominates the reduced mortality effect so that life expectancy for obese people in the United States is just under a decade less than people with healthy weights. When people say “fat is not healthy” whether by accident or design, they are correct, and it is socially irresponsible on a level akin to vaccination denial or second hand smoke skepticism to suggest otherwise.

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