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    You're In Luck, Babies — Lady Gaga's Music Has Been Turned Into An Album Of Lullabies

    Babies everywhere once they learn to talk: "I'M ON THE EDGE OF GLORY!!!"

    Babies famously coo, “Goo goo gaga,” so perhaps it should come as no surprise that Rockabye Baby! is releasing Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga.

    That’s right, little monsters. You can now send your own little monster off to dreamland with a little help from Gaga classics like "Bad Romance."

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    Here's the album's complete track list:

    Born This Way

    The Edge of Glory

    Bad Romance

    Poker Face

    Just Dance




    Perfect Illusion


    Yoü and I

    Million Reasons

    Leo Flynn, the album's producer, says, "Lady Gaga is such an iconic artist, it’s easy to forget how great a songwriter she is. Her melodies are powerful, even when brought down to a hush. That’s when the work is most gratifying, when we arrive at something really sweet that still moves you as a listener."

    The more I think of it, Gaga and babies were made for each other. She's excellent at crawling...

    She has the "chilling in a Rock 'N Play" look down cold...

    And she can pout with the best of them!

    You can listen to the full album below: