This Instagram Account Full Of Kids' Homesick Letters From Camp Is Hilariously Real

    "Get me OUT of this #$@&%*! camp!"

    Homesickdotcom is a hilarious Instagram account chock-full of letters that miserable kids sent home from camp.

    Some of the unhappy letters are polite: "Please come and take me back to New York, away from this hellhole. The electricity is malfunctioning, the septic tank is rupturing, the insect repellent isn't working..."

    While others bring the anger: "Get me OUT of this frikin camp. Miles gave me the finger. Everyone in the bunk thinks I am a bitch. ... Send stickers, and Fatheads, and cards."

    And some lay it on extra thick (like this kid's letter that included a "tear drop"):

    The account is the brainchild of New York–based sisters Aliza Licht and Ilana Yunis, who attended summer camp as kids and enjoyed it. So last year they sent their daughters to summer camp — and received homesick letters from Ilana’s 10-year-old daughter, Serena.

    Aliza told BuzzFeed, "Serena was sending home these torturous, heart-wrenching letters. I felt terrible for her, but there was something amusing about her letters because they were so dramatic."

    Aliza and Ilana were right — other kids WERE sending dramatic letters home, like this one: "This is the worst nightmare I've ever had. Each day seems like ten years..."

    This one: "Mommy, you promised me I would like my counselors! And I hate all of them!"

    This one: "Listen here and I mean it! I either leave camp or I bring my iPad on visiting day..."

    And ESPECIALLY this one: "I am going to murder you guys when I get home, well, you mom because you did this to me..."

    Homesickdotcom also includes some letters kids sent home that are memorable for altogether different reasons, like this one:

    This one: "Help, help, help! I lost my retainer! I don't know where it is. ... Help! My teeeeeeth! Will I have to have braces again?! Help me! Also, a virus is going around camp. Everyone is barfing."

    This one: "Day five of camp is a lot better. The rash on my p-nus is gone and now I can run."

    And this one a kid mistakenly wrote on a piece of paper he'd already drawn a penis on:

    Letters aside, Aliza and Ilana both think camp is a positive thing. Aliza said, "If kids (and parents) can weather the storm of homesickness, they will come out the other side loving it and making lifelong friends."

    Aliza is also happy to report that — as opposed to the kid who wrote the letter below — Serena now loves camp!

    You can check out Homesickdotcom here.