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These Poor Parents Are Like, "Don't Even Think Of Complaining About Your Day, Assholes!"

There are bad days and then there are BAAAAAAAD days.

1. The mom who sent her kindergartener to school wearing this sweater — and didn't realize what Santa was doing on it until his teacher pointed it out at pickup.

2. The dad who was so sure he was going to give his daughter the thrill of a lifetime.

3. The mom who was just trying to give her kids a good time at the park.

4. The mom who made the mistake of trusting her kids to spell out "love" with her.

5. The mom who probably should have thought through her "cute" idea for storing extra toilet paper in the kid's bathroom.

6. The dad who had to clean up his daughter's mac and cheese disaster.

7. The mom whose kid put her on blast for the whole world to see.

8. The parent whose kid came home from school with a note reading: "Demi cut her hair today. I'm so sorry."

9. The mom who — while at the zoo — looked over at her baby and saw an escaped lemur atop her head.

10. The parents who walked in on this sea of stuffing.

11. The mom who was stuck dealing with kid drama x3.

12. The mom whose kid made this very, um, erect volcano for the school science fair.

13. The mom who was held up for disgusting reasons.

14. The dad who will be reliving this moment for a LONG time and thinking, Stupid, stupid, stupid!

15. The mom who — minutes earlier — was wondering where her lipstick had gone.

16. The parents who had to show up at parent-teacher conferences after their kid wrote this gem.

17. The tired mom who pulled this sweatshirt out of the dirty clothes so she could make a coffee run.

18. The parent who had to explain this to the store's employees.

19. And the parents who were hit with this horror of a Christmas list.