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    19 Kids Who Will Make You Laugh And Then Say, "Kids, Man!"

    If you're looking for boring kids, you're going to need to look elsewhere.

    1. This kid, who decided to do a little meditating in the middle of the produce section:

    hisssycrisssy / Via

    2. And this kid, who did THIS on a coloring sheet:

    dazlicious / Via

    3. This kid, who is not like the other second graders:

    imperfectpenelopy / Via

    4. This kid, who has his own way of playing UNO:

    kellydanielle0176 / Via

    5. This kid, who made a playlist with Alvin & The Chipmunks' version of "Born This Way" 241 times in a row:

    lbaker537 / Via

    6. This kid, who somehow made his way ALL THE WAY UP THERE:

    GetALoadOfToad / Via

    7. And this kid, who labeled the food in the 'fridge in a very peculiar way:

    fatveganfemme / Via

    Rainbows and farts?

    8. This kid, who stored a dirty sock in the family's jar of nuts:

    keto_familystyle / Via

    9. This kid, who took the instruction to draw "hands" on the clocks a little too literally:

    rcrowley32 / Via

    10. This kid, who invented a hybrid toy that likely has their parents very worried:

    cryduchat / Via

    11. And this kid, whose drawing probably has their parents even MORE worried:

    felicia_mua / Via

    12. Then there's this kid, who for some reason gave this stormtrooper a nut tap:

    davidlopez419 / Via

    13. And this kid, who surely has put Billy on edge:

    kbow1976 / Via

    14. This kid, who isn't going to get extra dessert from mom any time soon:

    15. This kid, who did this when told only to eat half of the grapes:

    jozdaz / Via

    16. And this kid, who has very specific — and modest — goals for the future:

    Igor9212 / Via


    17. This kid, who wrote that the answer to "What is the vertex of ∠AXC?" is "Timmy":

    wendymayberry / Via

    18. This kid, who brought home this, um, unique creation from art class:

    19. And this kid, who doesn't realize they're already a superhero:

    kidsaretheworst / Via

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