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17 End Of The School Year Moments That Make Parents Go, “WHY, GOD? WHY?!”

Guess who gets to pack yet another school lunch today? You!

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1. Racing to get your kid out the door because your tired ass has been getting them up later and later each day.


It's also possible you've been letting them stay up later each night because — let's face it — you're barely hanging on at this point.


5. Almost losing your mind in the drop-off line because — nine months into the year — everyone STILL TAKES FOREVER TO DO IT!

You're not sure who you'd go off on first — the dad who leans out the window and chats up the crossing guard for five minutes every damn day, or the mom who LEAVES her car to walk her kid in. How about both?

6. Having to bust out the old line: “You'd better keep working hard or they won't advance you to the next grade!”


Are you full of shit? Of course! (Or at least you hope you are.) But you need to do something to motivate your burned-out kid at this point.


9. Falling behind on the laundry and having to convince your kid it's totally cool to wear sweatpants to school.

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Look, kid, it's either these clean sweatpants or the jeans with the giant marinara stain on the crotch. I'd pick the sweatpants, but you do you.


15. Guesstimating how much your kid read on their reading chart because you didn't exactly keep I.R.S.-worthy records.

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YOU: "Did you read on Monday night?" KID: "No." YOU: "Let's say just 10 minutes then. And you can, uh, make it up on the drive to school."