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    "You Had One Job!" You Will Shout After Looking At These Photos

    Everyone everywhere: "Oh, come on!"

    1. This children's book that's having a real problem counting:

    2. And this one that needs a serious refresher on colors:

    3. This back-to-school display:

    4. This road marking for people who want to learn good:

    5. And this workbook that must've come from the "scohol" above:

    6. This VERY patriotic crayon (just don't read the fine print):

    7. This emoji candy which leaves much to be desired:

    8. These "puppies":

    9. These cakes which — more than anything else — make you think, "It's an apostrophe!"

    10. This unsettling sight when looking for a family-appropriate movie to watch:

    11. This library book with quite the sticker placement:

    12. Ditto for this book and its price sticker:

    13. And this DVD with a price sticker that makes things X-rated:

    14. This foul-looking foul line:

    15. This classroom's projector/fan combination:

    16. This — blech — card that got put in a very wrong place:

    17. This "ice cream" aisle:

    18. This mannequin (or, er, kid-equin) that isn't doing these clothes any favors:

    19. And this Winnie the Pooh that looks a whole lot more like Lilo's pal Stitch: