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    16 Traumatized Parents Who Really Deserve A Vacation

    Because most of us would have been screaming, "Oh hell no!"

    1. The dad who still talks to his son even though — after refusing to clean the garage — the boy found the time to pull this prank.

    2. The mom who let her kid live after they told her, "Relax! I changed the toilet paper roll!"

    3. The dad who didn't disown his daughter after she committed this atrocity:

    4. The mom who still lovingly tucked her kid in after suffering through this traumatic experience.

    5. The parents who didn't cancel this little dude's birthday party after walking in on this.

    6. And the parents who kept their cool after walking in on their kiddo tap-dancing in turmeric.

    7. The mom who still enjoyed Mother's Day after hearing her kid say this.

    8. The parents who still went to parent-teacher conferences after their kid said he did this on Tuesdays.

    9. Plus these parents, who also dared to show up at parent-teacher conferences.

    10. The mom who didn't look into boarding schools after her kid ate her best lipsticks.

    11. The parents who kept putting money into their kid's college fund even after seeing him do this.

    12. The mom who didn't ship her kid off to the grandparents after they did this to the iPad.

    13. The parents who didn't ban cereal in the house even after coming across this.

    14. Ditto the parents who didn't ban sugar after this way-too-sweet moment.

    15. The dad who laughed instead of crying upon seeing where his kid put the milk.

    16. And the parents who still loved this sweetie after this misspelling — but with a smile like that, how could they not?