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    23 Memes That Will Make Parents Laugh But Scare The Shit Out Of Non-Parents

    Either way you're going to feel some things.

    1. On being busy.

    2. On "pampering" yourself.

    3. On having two kids.

    4. And on having four!

    5. On weekends.

    6. On Minecraft or, probably.

    7. On...your life now.

    8. On trying to sleep.

    9. On checking on the baby.

    10. On how you now take walks.

    11. On your poor, poor bank account.

    12. And on your poor, poor bank account again.

    13. On leaving the house without your kids.

    14. And on the morning after.

    15. On romance.

    16. On your parents.

    17. On school fundraisers.

    18. On "enjoying" dinner.

    19. On how parenting changes you.

    20. On your "sanctuary."

    21. On your living room.

    22. On summer.

    23. And on, well, parenthood.