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    19 Hilarious Examples Of How Toddlers Wreak Havoc On Your Life

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    1. First, you can't leave a toddler alone for even a second:

    2. And you really can't leave them alone with a cooling cake:

    3. Toddlers have zero respect for your personal space during the day:

    4. And even less respect when you're trying to sleep:

    Gnight! Let sleep land on you like an early morning toddler kick Dream BIG

    5. Doing normal things, like trying on clothes, becomes decidedly less normal with a toddler:

    6. And if you thought having a toddler would help you with a new baby, you're wrong:

    7. You'll find yourself coming up with solutions for toddler-created problems that would have seemed 100% crazy before you had a toddler:

    the problem: my daughter won’t stop climbing on the fireplace. observation: my daughter hates Elmo. solution: I made a toddler scarecrow.

    8. And these solutions are ones non-parents will not all:

    9. Eventually you won't even know what the heck you're doing (like this parent who used this "bookmark"):

    10. Going to the bathroom in peace is a thing of the past:

    I have been in the bathroom for a total of 4 minutes...and in that 4 minutes somehow every cast member of the Paw Patrol and at least 10 crayons have been delivered to me by my 2 year old and now she is doing my hair. #Toddlers #IJustWantedToPeeInPeace

    11. And traveling is 1000x harder:

    12. Why? Because toddlers are 100% irrational:

    Toddlers when you take away the crisps they've been eating for the past 3 hours

    13. And even when they try to do something nice — like make you breakfast — it's a whole thing:

    14. But things get even wilder when toddlers start talking, because toddlers are absolutely savage:

    I’m getting my hair dyed right now and I’m scared my toddler is gonna fry me when he sees it. I never know with him. He was calling me Mommy Cowboy for a week last Fall because of some boots I was wearing.

    15. Basically, they don't care about you and your feelings:

    My 3 year old asked how long he had to wait until he could stop listening to me. I told him he had to listen to me for the rest of his life. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I'll listen to you for the rest of YOUR life." Toddlers are cold-blooded, man.

    16. And they'll turn on you on a dime:

    Nobody: Toddler: You are not my friend anymore.

    17. Even worse, they say things that make you afraid to take them out in public:

    My toddler keeps referring to her vagina as her "frontbutt"......

    18. And they say things that make you afraid to be alone with them at home:

    during bedtime the toddler announced there is a second "purple mommy" who appears at night someone help pls help

    19. Long story short, parents, this: