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    17 Parents Who Epically Re-Created Their Kids' Selfies And Are Now Basically Legends

    Like father, like selfie.

    1. This dad who almost perfected his daughter's leg pop.

    henriettefredagsvik / Via

    2. And this dad who went ALL OUT. Fake nose ring? Check. Fake tattoos? Check.

    therealburrmartin / Via

    3. In fact, he didn't stop at re-creating just one selfie.

    therealburrmartin / Via

    4. Or even two.

    therealburrmartin / Via

    The amazing thing? I truly believe that balloon head is in love with him.

    5. This mom who can work an angle every bit as well as her daughter.

    6. These parents whose take on their son's Facebook photo is eerily on point.

    Peri Anderson / Via

    7. This dad who proves the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

    Twitter: @chevitaorribile

    Okay, maybe it fell and then rolled a bit.

    8. And these parents who had some fun with their daughter's steamy shot.

    9. They also had some fun with...whatever her daughter and her boyfriend were doing in this one.

    10. They lampooned this black and white selfie, too.

    11. There's this dad who didn't love his daughter's new knife tattoo.

    WullieBake / Via

    12. These parents who tried to out-awkward their daughter and her friend.

    13. This mom who definitely embarrassed her daughter.

    And if it embarrassed her, you know mom was pleased.

    14. This dad who trolled his son pretty well.

    15. But maybe not as well as mom did?

    16. This dad who somehow kept a straight face.

    17. And this dad who perfectly re-created his son's makeup game.

    Twitter: @spxncxrx

    These photos are actually slightly different than the others because the dad took them with his son. Hey, the family that selfies together stays together.

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