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25 Meaningful Personalized Gifts Kids Will Cherish Forever

Some gifts last a lifetime.

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5. A customized "What Big Sister/Brother Does Best" book.

Written by Laura Numeroff — author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie — this book inserts your kid's name into a story that helps prepare them for the arrival of a new baby. Order a sister or brother version.


9. A framed “watercolor painting” of their childhood home.

It’s quite easy to turn a photo into what looks like a watercolor painting using Photoshop or an app like Waterlogue. This is a terrific gift for when your family moves into a new home or your kid leaves for college. Learn more here.


22. This personalized handkerchief is also a beautiful gift for a flower girl.

Heather Spohr

Years from now, your girl will be able to carry this handkerchief on her wedding day as her "something blue."