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    25 Meaningful Personalized Gifts Kids Will Cherish Forever

    Some gifts last a lifetime.

    1. One of your kid's favorite childhood toys — engraved with their name and displayed in a shadow box.

    2. Wall art featuring your kid's most memorable quote.

    3. A plush toy made out of one of their most imaginative drawings.

    4. A birth year box.

    5. A customized "What Big Sister/Brother Does Best" book.

    6. A personalized "Goodnight Little Me" book.

    7. A pillow case decorated with your kid's artwork.

    8. A personalized mini-rolling pin.

    9. A framed “watercolor painting” of their childhood home.

    10. Don't DIY? Order a custom drawing instead.

    11. A pillow that puts your kid at the center of their own story book.

    12. A personalized rag doll.

    13. A sound wave necklace.

    14. A pendant with an engraved message in a loved one’s handwriting.

    15. A silver guitar pick with their name and date of birth on it.

    16. A birth announcement pillow.

    17. A memory bear made out of your kid's outgrown baby clothes.

    18. A framed favorite teddy.

    19. A custom-made figurine of your favorite kid.

    20. A football engraved with your kid's name and birth stats.

    21. A football — or a baseball — also makes a terrific gift for a ring bearer or flower girl at a wedding.

    22. This personalized handkerchief is also a beautiful gift for a flower girl.

    23. A super-cool stylized portrait.

    24. Paper dolls of your kid and their family members.

    25. Your kid's beloved dog as a plush pillow.