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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Going WTF?

Seriously, WTF?

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2. WTF does this dude have his pants down at the urinal?

macnells / Via

Yeah, yeah — this photo was probably posed as a joke. But ask any dude and they will tell you that every once in a while you DO walk in on a guy peeing like this. And you have to wonder WTF is going on there?


5. WTF is up with this dog? Or, er, girl?

Instagram: @wonderups

Is this a dog? A girl in a mask? Some CGI thingee? Whatever it is, it is creeping me out. WTF?


10. WTF is this Hobby Horse Tournament?

Instagram: @2000sunsoftwelve

Actually, this is awesome and I wholeheartedly approve. But still. WTF?

12. Okay, folks, it's time to wrap this masterpiece up with some really WTF photos. Like this one, which is of a girl trying to see how much weight she can pull with her thong? Or something? While biker dudes look on? WTF?

justmadchillin / Via

It's not the most graphic image — just a butt. But, you know, I figured I'd put the overlay on it in case your boss is walking by.