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    17 "What The Wha?!" Hairstyles That Actually Exist In The World

    Hair heroes, we salute you!

    Hello. I am a boring, fortysomething suburban dad. I get my boring, suburban dad haircut at Supercuts in 10 minutes. Most people don't even realize I got a cut, and they certainly don't go, "Whoa! Your hair, man! That's incredible!"

    A boring suburban dad and his boring suburban dad haircut

    Above is a photo I sent to my wife after a recent-ish haircut to show her how it looked. I'm pretty sure she left me on read.

    If right about now you're thinking, Hmm. This is kind of a weird start to a BuzzFeed post. Should someone check on this guy? Well...


    BUT! The reason I told you all of the above is because while I, a boring suburban dad, may not be in a position to be "the guy with the hair!" I DO sometimes dream of what could be:

    1. Like this guy who turned his hair into pizza. Amazing! Probably not amazing for a PTA meeting, but amazing!

    This Pizza Haircut from ATBGE

    2. Or this guy who turned his hair into a chessboard!  Practical for coaching little league with your team hat on? Not at all! But unbelievable!

    Hair Chess? from ATBGE

    3. Then there's this guy who turned his head into a strawberry! My kids would ban me from dropping them off at school, but strawberry sir, I salute you!!!

    Strawberry Hair from ATBGE

    4. Or how about this Star Wars fan? If I got this, my neighbor would stop waving at me while we take out the trash, but still...awesome!

    Boba Fett Hair from ATBGE

    5. Or what about this spider hair? I don't want my children to cry when I put them to sleep, so not totally practical for me per se, but still...lovin' it!

    Spider hair from ATBGE

    6. Then there's this scarily cool hairdo! My hair is too short to pull this off, but maybe the wife will do it. Let me right back...OK, she said it's a hard no. Still, kudos to you, skull hair woman!

    Skull hairdo from ATBGE

    7. Bob Ross hair! What?! There's a stoner dad at the park who'd appreciate me if I got this, but the other dads? Probably not.

    Bob Ross Hair Cut from ATBGE

    8. There's Madonna hair too! Take me back to the '80s! This cut probably isn't ideal for my kid's Boy Scout meetings, though.

    Face hairstyle from ATBGE

    9. Now look at this Jordan shirt/hair combo! Phenomenal! Be honest, if your dad wore this to the supermarket with you...would you love it or hate it?

    This haircut from ATBGE

    10. Imagine saying, "I'm....Batman!" with this 'stache? That'd be LIVING! But is it a "mowing the lawn with a dad belly" look?

    This Batman facial hair from ATBGE

    11. Or, oh man, imagine rolling up to all the other dads with this cut and going, "Hair's Johnny!" I mean, the dad power!

    Hair's Johnny! from ATBGE

    12. Or imagine getting this hairstyle and telling the dads, "Look at me, I'm a helicopter parent!"

    Helicopter Hairstyle from ATBGE

    13. This man has emojis IN. HIS. HAIR! Can I admit I kinda want one of these cuts? Is that crazy?

    Emoji hair from ATBGE

    14. This person has a boat in their hair! I want a boat in my hair! But could I maintain authority while yelling at my kids to do their homework with a boat in my hair? These are the things that give me pause, you see.

    This kraken hairdo from ATBGE

    15. Angry Birds! You know, I actually could see this one for me. I wonder if my wife agrees. Let me check...oh, wow! She's laughing! Is that "yes, get it, honey!" laughter? It is not? Ah. OK. Understood.

    This haircut from ATBGE

    16. TENNIS BALL HAIR! Hold on now! This is it! I don't have the money for a midlife crisis Corvette...but I could do this. Should I? Maybe people would call me "Ol' tennis ball head!" and it'd be a funny thing, not something that gets me shunned by my community. What do you think?

    This hairdo my dog is drooling over... from ATBGE

    17. Ah, screw it! I'm throwing all caution to the wind and doing this one. YOLO, amirite? (Did I say that right?)

    This guys haircut (x-post r/oddlyterrifying) from ATBGE

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