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What's The Funniest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Done?

You know that video of your kid you've watched 50 times and still laugh at?

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If you’ve spent even a little time on the internet, you’ve seen your share of uproariously funny videos of kids. For example, you've probably seen "David After Dentist":

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And the adorable little girl who interrupted her dad's interview live on the BBC:

So this just happened on @BBCWorld - Love the kids! @Robert_E_Kelly

And definitely the "OK, Linda, listen" kid:

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But since you’re a parent, you’ve probably got video footage of your OWN KID being really funny, or getting caught in a situation that is really funny.

It could be footage of your kid hilariously busting a move...

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Footage of your kiddo getting caught in an LOL situation...

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Or simply footage of your little one being their funny little self.

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Whatever hilarious thing your kid is doing in your video, we want to see it! Put it in the Dropbox below, and it could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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