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Share Your Funniest Pregnancy Brain Story

Pour some milk, put it back in the pantry.

Many moms-to-be suffer from “pregnancy brain” (also known as "momnesia").

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Whether it’s caused by surging hormones, lack of sleep, stress, or something else, pregnancy brain can cause you to make some pretty epic brain fails.


For example, you might have poured some milk and then put it away — in the pantry.

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Or maybe you washed your hair over and over because you kept forgetting whether you washed it or not.

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You might have blanked on the names of people you've known for years or even everyday objects.

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It's even possible you paid for your groceries and then drove home without them!

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Got a good pregnancy brain moment? Share it in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed post!

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