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What Parents Say Vs. What Kids Hear

What weʼve got here is a failure to communicate.

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“Grandma doesnʼt want to make a big deal out of her birthday this year.”

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What kids hear:

"Don't tell your father how much I spent at Target."

What kids hear:

"Go to your room!"

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What kids hear:

“Thatʼs it! I canʼt deal with you anymore! Just wait ʻtil your father is home!”

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What kids hear:

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“Itʼs important that you apply yourself in math class. One day when you have a family of your own and handle the finances youʼll thank me.”

What kids hear:

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"Come here right now!"

What kids hear:

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"Stop crying!"

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What kids hear:

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“I have asked you to clean your room every night for a week and itʼs still not done.”

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What kids hear:

“You've played enough video games for one day. Turn it off.”

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What kids hear:

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"If you're good you can have a cookie."

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What kids hear:

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“I got us tickets to hear the Philharmonic!”

Josh Berglund / Via Flickr: tyrian123

What kids hear:

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“We'll see.”

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What kids hear:

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“Back when I was a kid there werenʼt any iPads for us play with.”

David Jones / Via Flickr: dgjones

What kids hear:

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"What do you say we forget these chores and go get some pizza?"

Rory Macleod / Via Flickr: macrj

What kids hear:

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