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What It's Like Listening To Your Kid Talk About Minecraft

Of course, I'm listening. Go on.

"I had to gather a lot of wood to build a shelter because there are these monsters that might've got me if I didn't."


"And, uh, I gathered stone, too, for the shelter. It took a long time to make because monsters kept coming."

The CW

"And then I fell into lava! Can you believe that?"

Warner Bros.

"It totally set me back. Plus I needed to eat because my hunger bar was draining."


"I finally built the shelter, though. Guess how long it took."


"No! Longer!"

Comedy Central

"You can craft armor, too. That really helps with the monsters."


"I've got some really good armor now. Not as good as Tommy from school, but pretty good."

E! Entertainment

"The villagers can be a lot of help too, 'cause you can barter with them."

Universal Pictures

"Bartering is, like, trading. You can trade for emeralds."

Gramercy Pictures

"There are also alternate dimensions. They're cool. One is called Nether, which is like hell."


"The other is called 'The End,' and it has a dragon boss."


"There are other bosses you have to fight, if you get that far. But you have to play a long time to get that far."

ABC Family

"I want to tell you more about the alternate world. The cool thing about them is..."