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    We Tried Target's New Unicorn Ice Cream And All We Can Say Is, "Sweet!"

    Target, you crazy.

    Hi, I'm Mike, and I come with exciting news β€” Target has joined the unicorn-themed food craze by releasing a new ice cream flavor through their Market Pantry Line β€” Unicorn Magic!

    Spohr / BuzzFeed

    Unicorn Magic, which is in stores now, is described by Market Pantry as "fruity ice cream with a sour blue raspberry swirl, frosting swirl and glitter candy bits." That's right β€” glitter candy bits!

    Since I have two kids who count ice cream and unicorns among their favorite things in the entire world, I made their night by bringing home a tub for a taste-test.

    Spohr / BuzzFeed

    Your taste-testers are...

    Annie, 8: Favorite ice cream flavor: cotton candy; favorite unicorn: Princess Luna.

    James, 4: Favorite ice cream: vanilla; favorite unicorn: Rainbow Unicorn from Inside Out.

    Mike, dad-aged: Favorite ice cream: pralines and cream; favorite unicorn: personal time.

    First, we opened the tub to get a look inside, since ice cream called "Unicorn Magic" should have some visual razzle dazzle.

    Spohr / BuzzFeed

    While it's not as impressively colorful as the photo of the ice cream on the front of the tub, it still looks pretty fun.

    Spohr / BuzzFeed

    OK, it looks fun, BUT HOW DOES IT TASTE? Annie tried it first:

    Spohr/BuzzFeed, Spohr / BuzzFeed

    Annie: "I kind of like it, kind of don't. It's yummy but also terrible."

    Me: "Uh, what? Explain more please."

    Annie: "It tastes good and I like eating the glitter candy but it is SOOOO sweet. My first few bites were like 'Yes!' but my next few were like, 'Ugh.'"

    Annie's verdict: Sideways thumbs-up.

    Next, James tried it:

    Spohr / BuzzFeed

    James: "It's good! I like it!"

    Me: "Is it too sweet?"

    James: "No! It's really sweet but that's good!"

    James' verdict: Thumbs-up.

    Lastly, I gave it a go:

    Spohr/BuzzFeed, Spohr / BuzzFeed

    Mike: "It IS really sweet, but it also has a slight sour twist to it (sort of Sour Patch Kids-y), so it has that sweet-and-sour thing going on. Would anyone describe the glitter chunks as looking like glitter if they weren't called glitter chunks? Probably not. But they did add color and a nice, crunchy element. Weirdly enough, while Annie (an 8-year-old firmly in their target audience) stopped eating because it became too sweet for her, I really got into the sweetness once I acclimated myself to it."

    Mike's verdict: Thumbs-up.

    All in all, it looked enough like what you'd expect unicorn ice cream to look like, and it tasted like what you'd expect, too. It's the perfect ice cream for a unicorn-themed birthday party, or just to give your kids a thrill. Sweet!

    Let's just hope this isn't how they make it.

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