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21 Ways Naming A Baby Will Drive You Crazy

Nine months isn't anywhere near enough time.

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7. Knowing deep down you can't get too annoyed because you've already vetoed the name of everyone you ever went on a date with.


Not to mention the names of every girl you didn't like in school, every actor who's appeared in a Michael Bay movie, all of One Direction...

8. Trying to find a baby name in Us Weekly but quickly realizing celebrities aren't that much like us after all.

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Pilot Inspektor, Buddy Bear, Apple? It's a good thing celebrities have enough money to pay for their kid's future therapy.


10. Your grandma calling to say she's knitting a blanket to bring the baby home in and needs to stitch the name into it.

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This leads to a daily breakdown where you scream, "THE BLANKET! WE HAVE TO FIND A NAME FOR THE BLANKET!"


16. Discovering a name that both you and your partner love, and then having someone point out that you absolutely can't pair it with your last name.

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"You can't name your kid 'Harrison,' dude." "Why not?" "Your last name is Cox."


20. Re-reading the A–Z baby name book and feeling irrationally angry at every name.

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And what is the deal with the names in these books anyway? Cowboy, Poodle, Wood, Zoom? Who do they think they're kidding with that crap?