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27 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship With Your Toddler

Toddlers, the pint-sized dictators of our hearts.

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1. This everyday scene:

2. This truth:

3. This "been there" moment:

4. Straight talk:

5. This legitimate concern:

6. Yup:

7. This phone drama, part one:

8. This phone drama, part two:

9. And one more bit of phone drama for good measure:

10. Sigh:

11. This tweet that is in your head:

12. Filed under "Things you never thought you'd say":

13. This one about traveling with kids:

14. This (actually impressive) supermarket scene:

This is what I turned around to after searching for frozen veggies. #toddlerproblems

15. And this less cute supermarket scene:

16. This parenting hell:

17. Yep:

18. This one about all that toddler noise:

19. #FootToFace:

20. Awkward:

21. This toddler/food reality, part one:

22. And this toddler/food reality, part two:

23. LOL:

24. This tweet that is all too real about naps:

25. #ToddlerGoals:

26. This one about a climber:

27. And this truth we all learn the hard way:

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