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This New Mom Was Dreading Her First Post-Pregnancy Weigh In Until A Nurse Gave Her An Incredible Note

What would we do without all of the amazing nurses in the world?

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Like most moms, Herrera gained weight during her pregnancy, which is totally normal.

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In fact, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women gain between 11-40 pounds (the exact recommended number is different for each women depending on their pre-pregnancy weight).

Of course, even though weight gain is normal, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept. When the time came for Herrera to have her first post-pregnancy weigh in, she was dreading it. “I wanted to cry before I got on the scale,” Herrera told BuzzFeed. “I wanted nothing to do with it at all.”


That's when a beautiful thing happened — Herrera saw this note a nurse posted over the scale.

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The note reads: "This scale will ONLY tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will NOT tell you how beautiful you are, how much your friends and family love you, or how amazing you are!!"

"The note meant the world to me," Herrera said. "It immediately erased all my fears."

Herrera shared the note to Instagram in hopes it would inspire other women, and the reaction has been amazing. "People say the note inspired them but their feedback has inspired me.”

Herrera says that she hopes women start to think more positively about themselves. "We put each other down too much, we need to start building each other up!"

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And let’s hear it for the incredible nurse at Charnelton Medical Clinic in Oregon, whose simple act is building up women more than she likely ever imagined.