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    This Mom's Hilarious Cartoons Show What Mother's Day Is Really Like

    Adjust your expectations.

    Ah, Mother's Day. That glorious day when mothers kick back and relax ALL. DAY. LONG.


    Yeah, right. In real life, Mother's Day is very different, and cartoonist Adrienne Hedger has made a series of cartoons that capture the day as it really is — at every stage of motherhood.

    Hedger told BuzzFeed, "The very first Mother’s Day is weird and fun because you’re still like, 'Wait, I’m a MOM?' But your infant has NO IDEA it’s Mother’s Day. People were wishing me well, but I was like, 'OK, thanks, I have to breastfeed again now.'"

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    A few years later your kids start to give you gifts...but there's a bit of a learning curve for them:

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    Kids get really pumped up to give you these gifts, which is super cute:

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    But at this phase you should not expect to sleep in:

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    The best part, Hedger says, are the notes kids write. "They're so adorable and sincere—even with the misspellings."

    Adrienne Hedger

    Hedger adds, "The slight downside with little kids is that Mother’s Day is really about opening the cards and gifts. After that, it reverts to a normal Sunday, with the kids needing things from you."

    "In some ways, when the kids are really young, the best gift is if someone takes them somewhere for part of the day so you can just nap or read or do whatever you want. And NOT be a mom for a little bit."

    Later on, kids get a little more ambitious and crafty, which can be a problem:

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    Sometimes — though they mean well — they end up just making more work for you:

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    "The good news with older kids is that you can play the 'Mother’s Day card' all day long," Hedger says. "You just say, 'Hey, it’s Mother’s Day!' and usually they feel obligated to do whatever you tell them to do — wash the dishes, walk the dog, clean their bathroom."

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    Hedger says she's learned to lower her expectations. "I don’t mean that in a bad way — it actually leads to a happier Mother’s Day for me. The problem early on was that I had a mindset of: 'I shall DO NOTHING! I shall be waited on, hand and foot!' And when that didn’t happen, I felt resentful."

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    "I’ve had to accept that maybe they won’t be fawning over me, fulfilling my every wish for 18 hours straight, as I relax on the couch with my dog."

    In the end, Hedger says, the thing that makes a good Mother’s Day is feeling appreciated. "I just want a sincere gesture of thanks. I want to know that my efforts are noticed by my family."

    Adrienne Hedger / Via Facebook: HedgerHumor

    "I tell the kids, 'The best gift you can give me is a note about what you appreciate about me.' I’ve gotten a few over the years, and I’m keeping them forever."

    Check out more of Hedger's cartoons on Instagram and Facebook.