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    This Badass Mom Gave Birth To A Nearly 14-Pound Baby Without An Epidural

    "It was a bit hard to get him out." You don't have to tell us!

    Giving birth can be a challenge with an average-sized baby — which, by the way, weighs around 7.5 pounds. But a baby nearly twice that size?

    Back in January, Australian mom Natashia Corrigan gave birth to her fourth child, Brian Jr., who weighed in at 13.5 pounds!

    The real kicker, though, is that Natashia delivered little Brian without an epidural. She was, however, given “laughing gas,” which is 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen.

    According to Australia’s 7 News First, Natashia was told during her pregnancy that the baby would be on the heavier side, but no one prepared her for just HOW big he would be.

    As you might imagine, the delivery wasn’t the easiest. "It was a bit hard to get him out,” Natashia told Herald Sun. "They had to get a few extra staff members to come in and help.”

    “It was a bit scary,” Brian, the dad, told 7 News First. “But now everyone’s fine. Mum’s fine, the baby’s fine.”

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Natashia for comment, but based on this recent video from her Facebook page Brian Jr. is doing great — and super cute!

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