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    This Mom And Her Kids Doing Yoga Together Will Make Your Jaw Drop

    They're the coolest family you'll see today by a long stretch.

    Charity LeBlanc is a yoga enthusiast who is able to strike some very impressive poses.

    She’s also a mother of two, and has found amazing ways to involve her kids in her daily yoga routine.

    She's helped her kids — Oakley, 5, and Felicity, 2 — steal a kiss in mid-air...

    Perform some backbends...

    And nail this counterbalance pose.

    Charity started doing yoga after the birth of her first child to get back in shape, and kept doing it while pregnant with Felicity.

    The decision to involve her kids in her daily yoga sessions was sort of a no-brainer.

    "They loved to watch me do the movements even as little infants,” Charity says.

    charity.grace / Via Instagram: @charity.grace

    "Now they think it’s awesome that their mom is a moving jungle gym, and sometimes pull out the mats themselves."

    As you see, they have lots of laughs together.

    Have there been times when they all went tumbling to the ground? “Of course!” Charity says. “But anything that's worth doing has some element of danger!"

    charity.grace / Via Instagram: @charity.grace

    Those tumbles are few and far between, though. "We always take our practice really slow and work our way up to more complex poses.”

    This family yoga — which sometimes includes dad, Andre — has been great for her kids, Charity says.

    charity.grace / Via Instagram: @charity.grace

    “My son is learning to trust me and my daughter is developing great motor skills and muscle control for her age. They're learning how to be strong and healthy while having fun."

    Charity is quick to add that it’s good for her too: “I get to work on myself, stay fit, and play with my kids all at the same time!”

    You can follow Charity on Instagram and YouTube.