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    These Are The Coolest Ways To Photograph Your Baby's First Year

    Your baby's first year is a whirlwind. Check out these incredibly creative monthly photos that perfectly capture months one through 12.

    1 day old

    1 month old

    6 months old

    1 year old

    Here's another monthly photo series with the baby's age right in the image!

    6 months

    1 year

    Want the perfect gift for the grandparents? Frame a collage of all 12 shots!

    There are lots of ways to do these.

    And they're all super cute!

    There's no need to stop after the first year, either.

    You can do it with twins, too!

    Some include the baby's monthly facts for posterity.

    It's impossible to do these photos wrong, but it might not be possible to do them any more right than these.

    These sure beat the baby photos our parents took of us back in the day, huh?

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