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    17 Ridiculous Gender Reveals That Will Make You Want To Scream


    I get that you're excited to be expecting, people. I'm a parent myself and know how exciting it is, but this REALLY needs to be said — it's time to take the gender reveals down a notch, m'kay?

    Let's be real — gender reveals have always been pretty extra, but they used to be a LOT simpler, like cutting into a cake to see if the inside was blue or pink...

    ...Or opening a box to see if blue or pink balloons came out.

    But somewhere along the line we lost the plot. This woman is literally shooting her husband with a paintball gun.

    This couple straight-up got a diver at an aquarium to make the announcement.

    And this couple actually used a monster truck for their reveal.

    What's that? You don't think those are SO over the top? Well, we are just getting warmed up! Peep this guy who jumped out of a plane...

    This fireman and his wife who wasted a whole lot of water...

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    And this couple that did, well, whatever the heck this.

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    Now some of the most cringe-inducing gender reveals involve sports. Everyone who does these pretty much imagines it going down like this:

    Gender reveal goals 😍 (via @sydneyleroux)

    But it does NOT always go down like that.

    Still, at least basketball dad didn't hit his damn grandfather in the face!

    To be fair, the pitch was a bit high 😂 #SCNotTop10 (via @clariceguido)

    Or his poor wife — and the mother of his child-to-be — in the face!

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    And then, oh my, there's this boxing reveal which thankfully didn't end with them knocking each other out.

    What will the little fighter be?? 🥊Congrats!! 🎉

    Do you see what I'm saying, people? Gender reveals have gone too damn far. This woman made a giant piñata of herself, then had her husband burst out of its belly dressed as a baby spraying pink confetti. Get all that?

    All I'm saying is that maybe you don't need to do a heavily choreographed dance routine with 10 backups dancers just to say if you're having a boy or a girl.

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    Am I getting through to you yet? Things are OUT. OF. HAND. These people used a DAMN ALLIGATOR!

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    Yeah, the dad is an alligator handler IRL who runs an alligator farm, but still — let the alligator be, would ya?

    But the worst one of all was these people's explosive gender reveal that ignited a massive wildfire in Arizona burning 47,000 acres and doing more than 8 million dollars in damage.

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    So, folks, instead of shipping a wombat in from Australia to break open a Fabergé egg full of pink confetti or hiring Elon Musk to setoff blue explosives on the moon...maybe try this instead:

    A gender reveal party where you and your SO go to the doctor, get an ultrasound, find out the sex, and then high-five each other.