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You Have Got To See This Mind-Blowing Video Of A C-Section Birth

There's a 99.9% chance you've never seen anything like this.

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You've probably seen images of a baby being born vaginally — heck, some people will sit you down and show you their birth videos!

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But what you probably haven't seen is a baby born via cesarean section (or C-section). That’s what makes this Instagram video posted by Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, a Venezuelan OB-GYN, so incredible.

Instagram: @fertilugo

Interestingly, the video features a "gentle C-section." Gentle C-sections are an increasingly en vogue option for mothers who require a surgical birth but want a more traditional birth experience.

“Too often, women who deliver via cesarean section feel like they didn’t actually ‘give birth’ ... and sometimes they struggle with the belief that they missed the childbirth experience,” Dr. Pamela Berens told the University of Texas Health Science Center's Health Leader.

According to Dr. Berens and the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, some of the ways they do this include:

* Delivering the baby slowly, using less force.

* Immediately giving the baby to the mother for skin-to-skin contact.

* Limiting noises.

* Initiating breastfeeding in the operating room.

Previously, another video of a Dr. Lugo delivery was posted on the Language of Birth Instagram account. This video featured a more complicated breech birth, but it was still performed as a gentle C-section.

Instagram: @thelanguageofbirth

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