27 Things You Should Do Before You Leave High School

    When the last bell rings, it will be too late.

    1. Skip school with your closest friends one day.

    2. If you don't exercise, start.

    3. Go to prom if you have even a tiny smidge of interest in doing so.

    4. Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t.

    5. Start doing your own laundry if you haven't already.

    6. Clean up your social media presence.

    7. Do a senior prank, but don't take it too far.

    8. Tell the teachers who meant something to you just that.

    9. Get their contact info, too.

    10. Take a video of walking from one class to the next.

    11. Make an audio recording of your friends.

    12. Make a playlist of songs that you played the most.

    13. Make a time capsule.

    14. Take a great photo of you and your family.

    15. Also snap one with your friends, aka your chosen family.

    16. Make a list of the best and worst things about high school.

    17. Catch up with a friend you drifted away from.

    18. Prepare something to write in yearbooks.

    19. Eat in the cafeteria one last time.

    20. Cook your family a meal.

    21. Thank the school staff including the secretary, custodian, etc.

    22. Apologize to someone you treated poorly.

    23. Stand up for yourself.

    24. Tell a crush you like them.

    25. Print out photos you took and put them in an album.

    26. Make a plan for the summer and beyond.

    27. Be proud of yourself.