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    40 Photos That Made People Scream, "Pass The Eye Bleach! STAT!"

    Shield your eyes! It's like an IRL Bird Box out there with people like this in the world.

    WARNING! 87% of people who read this entire post end up looking like this. So proceed with caution!

    Still here? Wow, you're brave! OK, here are 40+ people who saw things they REALLY wish they hadn't:

    1. First, everyone at this performance of Beetlejuice who had to watch Lauren Boebert appear to fondle her boyfriend's crotch as he did the same to her breast:

    2. The pour souls who bought a home on the inspiringly named "Hope Street" and then saw this:

    3. The construction workers who had to watch this woman stubbornly walk through the wet cement they just laid:

    A group of workers watch as a woman trudges through clearly wet cement; she's halfway across the cement and has left a trail of footprints

    4. The people who entered their hotel room and saw this:

    The imprint of breasts and handprints on the frost of a window

    5. Anyone related to this family who got a LOT more info than they wanted:

    A Facebook post claiming that the user's husband got her grandmother pregnant

    6. Everyone at this fast food restaurant as these dudes snorted coke out in the open:

    7. And the customers at this fast food restaurant who cringed at this sign:

    The sign at the counter says "just put the tip in and see how it feels"

    8. People enjoying a family-friendly day at Disney World until these two showed up:

    A couple wearing T-shirts, with the man's shirt saying "I gave her the D" and the woman's shirt saying "I wanted the D," with both D's written in the Disney style

    9. Anyone stuck driving behind this class act:

    A bumper sticker that says "no baby on board, I only do anal"

    10. Or this one:

    A bumper sticker that uses images of screws, nuts, and bolts to say "I screw, I nut, I bolt"

    11. And this charmer who said, "Hold my beer" to the previous three photos:

    The picture says the user is dropping the price of her OnlyFans to $9.11, and the image includes a toy plane placed in her cleavage

    12. Anyone who came across this Facebook post beginning "Hello my urine Angels":

    Someone asking her community if they've sprayed aged urine in their hair, accompanied by a photo of her spraying a bottle on her hair

    13. And anyone at, say, the community pool who saw this tattoo:

    A cartoon character tattooed on a man's chest so that his nipple has become the penis of the character

    14. The mom who emailed their breastfeeding Facebook group because there were men using fake accounts...and got this response:

    Person is told not to worry about those fake profiles and then is told those profiles pay good money to be in the group and that the administrator is removing their mod status

    15. Ben's wife upon seeing this:

    Hookup app profile for a man says: Ben, 37, 8 miles away: "Just released from prison, wife doesn't know I'm out, trying to have some FUN before she finds out"

    16. And May when she sees this:

    A dating app profile for a 19-year-old woman named May that says "this account is run by May's current boyfriend. I want to find her a replacement before I break up with her"

    17. Mourners who went to pay tribute to those lost or affected by World War II and saw this:

    A man urinating in the fountain at the World War 2 memorial

    18. And the passengers who had to watch this woman dry her panties in the overhead air vent:

    A woman on a packed plane is holding her underwear up to the overhead vent

    19. The homeowner who looked across the street and saw their neighbors got "festive":

    Christmas lights have been arranged to look like a penis

    20. Anyone who crossed paths with this gross shirt ("make 'em drool early." Really?!):

    The front of the shirt says "future Hooters girl," and the back says "make 'em drool early"

    21. And the person who saw this on the door of their coffee shop:

    The sign says "closed because someone shit on the floor" with a frowny face

    22. The parent who tried to take their little Aussie trick-or-treating and saw this:

    A sign reads "This is Australia not America, fuck off with your Halloween shit you little cunts"

    23. The parents who took their kid to the Halloween parade and stood behind this:

    A man wearing a shirt that says "if it has tits or tires, I can make it squeal"

    24. And the parents and kids just trying to have a wholesome Halloween when this dad paraded through it:

    A man draped in a flag that says "fuck Biden" walks through a big group of children trick or treating

    25. Anyone who had to read this drivel:

    A Reddit post claiming that sleeping with someone who is in a relationship isn't morally wrong, because you get sex and they were probably going to cheat with someone else

    26. And anyone who read this obituary about a sweet-looking old lady that took a TURN:

    The first half of the obituary is normal, then says "she abandoned her children, who were then raised by her parents. She passed away and will now face judgment"

    27. Fans of this restaurant who read this:

    A restaurant review says a staff member approached a girl he was on a date with, asked if they were going to have sex, asked for her number, then winked at her when they left

    28. People who just wanted to pick up some groceries in peace:

    A couple at a grocery store, where the woman is pulling the man behind her on a leash

    29. Whoever is in charge of keeping the shoe section clean:

    Shoes are scattered across the floor, along with empty shoe boxes

    30. And whoever found this in the bathroom:

    A picture of a cantaloupe with a large hole cut out of it; the picture says it was found in a Whole Foods bathroom

    31. The person who got this text from someone they're going to have to continue interacting with in their life:

    Someone asks what's up and the other person replies "Just grabbed McDonald's and littered a ton, threw my trash out of the window, haha"

    32. The store owner who'd seen enough sweaty, stanky, and scrunched-up boob dollars:

    A sign saying money is dirty enough, we don't need to add sweat to it, so bra money will not be accepted

    33. The teacher who was forced to grade this paper:

    A child's test has pictures of dinosaurs and asks the student to identify them; the answers below the dinosaurs say "dinosaurs are not real, read the Bible"

    34. Anyone who saw this truck (maybe owned by the parents of the kid in the previous photo?):

    A truck with decals and writing that say "Flat Earth 101 dot com" and "NASA is a hoax, they know you're stupid"

    35. And anyone who enrolled their kid in this school...then saw this review:

    The review says the school is terrible because the teachers beat the students, and a response from the school says "shut up before I beat you also"

    36. The person living at the home where they filmed Breaking Bad having to watch yahoos show up to "re-create" the famous pizza scene:

    A comment from a person claiming they showed up to the Breaking Bad house with six pizzas, hoping to throw them on the roof, but they missed and hit the resident's car

    37. Anyone who saw this pregnancy — and three-pump chump — announcement:

    A pregnancy announcement that says "recipe for baby: 1 cup mommy, 3 pumps daddy, mix with love, bake until July"

    38. Folks who saw this on their apartment's lobby door:

    A sign in a lobby says "whoever let their dog shit in here and left it here, you are trash! You will always be trash! You will be fined and should be asked to leave"

    39. And whoever found this in their apartment's laundry room:

    A series of Post-It notes on the wall say "if you shit yourself, don't wash your clothes in the same washer as everyone else, you piece of shit. Who raised you?"

    40. Lastly, Donald Duck, who had to watch this woman drop to her knees and twerk right in front of his eyes:

    A woman twerking on Donald Duck at an amusement park

    H/T: r/trashy