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    27 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

    You’re your kids' first teacher. Be their best, too.

    1. To live an active life.

    2. To express their feelings.

    3. The importance of always using sunscreen.

    4. How to drive safely.

    5. To care for their teeth.

    6. To avoid unnecessary drama.

    7. To be civic minded.

    8. To love to read.

    9. How to unplug from time to time.

    10. To accept disappointment and move on.

    11. How to cook.

    12. Secret family recipes.

    13. Internet safety.

    14. To care for the earth.

    15. How to sew a button, fix a rip, or iron a shirt.

    16. The value of hard work.

    17. To do things even when they’re afraid.

    18. What it was like when you were a kid.

    19. To be themselves.

    20. How to balance a check book.

    21. To stand up for themselves.

    22. Courtesy

    23. To develop contacts and network.

    24. Not to hold grudges.

    25. To understand that others have it worse than they do.

    26. To do all things in moderation.

    27. To love themselves.

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