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    25 Things To Remind Your Kids Of When They're Older

    They're going to appreciate you, whether they like it or not.

    1. How hard it was giving birth.

    2. All of the diapers you changed.

    3. How you had to trade in your badass sports car for a family car.

    4. How much sleep they cost you.

    5. The times they broke something of yours.

    6. When you took them to Disneyland.

    7. How you sat through a performance of Sesame Street Live.

    8. Every single one of the presents you gave them.

    9. All the driving you did.

    10. Every single trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.

    11. How your relationship changed because of them.

    12. The times they peed their pants in public.

    13. The embarrassing things they said in public.

    14. Events you passed up because of them.

    15. The baths they took with their siblings.

    16. Their embarrassing crushes.

    17. The adorable things they used to say about you.

    18. The bedtime stories you read them.

    19. Any bad influence you steered them away from.

    20. All of their teenage drama.

    21. How much they made you worry.

    22. Every ridiculous tantrum they threw in public.

    23. All the tea parties.

    24. The sulking they did on trips that, in hindsight, were undeniably awesome.

    Will you really need to remind your kids of all this stuff? Nah. But there is one thing you'll want to make sure they know:

    25. How much you love them.