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23 Things Parents Do That Scare You About Having Kids

You thought you wanted kids.

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4. Be a buzzkill whenever you talk about how excited you are to have kids.

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You: "I can't wait to have a little girl so I can buy her an American Girl doll!"

Them: "You wouldn't say that if you knew what those dolls cost."


10. Complain about having to help their kids with homework.

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"I thought I'd left Geometry behind when I graduated from high school," they say with a laugh as your ovaries/testicles shrink.


19. Watch their kids play sports every weekend, too.

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"What did you do this weekend?" you ask. "Well, there was Tommy's 7th Birthday, a T-ball game, and, uh, that was it."

21. Try to convince you that children's characters like Barney are actually pretty great.

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"I used to hate Barney before I had kids, but I've come around to him. He's great for children, and pretty funny if you give him a chance!"

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