29 Cringeworthy Times Facebook Mom Groups Went Absolutely Off The Rails

    Let she who doesn't cook brownies with breastmilk cast the first stone.

    Every mom group has that one member who is a little weird, out there, or just plain...challenging.

    But when it comes to mom groups on Facebook, "that mom" tends to be 10,000 times worse. Here are 33 of the worst offenders who logged on and shared thoughts they really shouldn't have:

    1. This mom who casually admitted that her homeschooled teenager doesn't know the alphabet, months, or even DAYS OF THE WEEK:

    2. This mom who admitted to using breastmilk in brownies she sold at the school bake sale:

    3. And this mom who used breastmilk in cookies she gave to her coworkers:

    4. This mom who 100% cleared out the room after discussing her at-home sex ed for her boys:

    5. This mom who insists that if you put an egg in your baby's sock and hang it in their doorway it'll make them sleep:

    6. And this mom who worried that she might hurt her unborn child by eating...cinnamon rolls:

    7. This mom who announced her "egg diet" by sharing this photo:

    8. And this mom who shared this photo in a bow contest:

    If you've never heard of a bow contest it's where people submit photos of their kids, usually wearing bows, in order to win free bows.

    9. This mom who pushed the "dinosaurs and Adam and Eve lived at the same time" narrative:

    Oh boy: "What's this? Dinosaurs and people together? Some scientists think that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago...but the bible tells us the real story..."

    10. This mom who wondered if a baby could leave the womb after only six month if they had a fast metabolism:

    11. This mom who announced to the world that her daughter got her period...and even posted a photo:

    12. This mom who shared a photo of the family fish tank her toddler likes to throw his toys into:

    13. This mom who referred to her child as being "55 months old":

    14. This mom who (via her concerned cousin) plans to have a home birth and circumcise her baby with dog grooming tools:

    15. This mom who went on a rant after her babysitter asked for a raise from $2.50 per hour:

    16. This mom who complained about the lackluster quality of the crafts her toddlers make:

    17. And this mom who said you're not a "real mom" if you don't breastfeed:

    18. This mom who claimed wearing a mask caused her daughter to get a one-inch crack in her septum:

    19. This mom asking for a bus pass so she could go downtown and steal some Christmas presents for her kids:

    20. This mom who asked if she might be pregnant because — checks notes — her father said her newborn could sense it, and "me and my fiancé did have sex while I was pregnant":

    21. This mom who refuses to put socks on her kids (even though their teacher is complaining about it):

    22. This mom who logged on to brag that her husband gave her 127 orgasms in a row one night:

    23. This mom — to an 18-month-old who has been in 58 baby pageants — who complained that she couldn't get a photo of her pageant star not holding a sippy cup:

    24. This mom who — yikes — bragged about blowing her daughter's college fund on a multi-level marketing business:

    25. This mom who bragged about her kids calling immunizations "poison":

    26. This mom who is mad her kid wants to use store-bought soap instead of natural oils:

    27. This mom who judges anyone who celebrates Halloween:

    28. This mom who is looking to avoid "common core, leftist propaganda, mask wearing for kids, and online education":

    29. And this mom who — whoa, Nelly — is on the lookout for quite the collection of diaper themes: