18 Things About Sex While Pregnant You Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask

    Can you bump with a bump?

    1. Is sex safe when you're pregnant?

    2. What about rough sex?

    3. Can a man's penis hit the baby in the head?

    4. Is it normal to be super horny when pregnant?

    5. What about not really feeling it?

    6. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to receive oral sex?

    7. Will it, um, you know...taste different?

    8. Can the baby feel it when you have sex?

    9. If a pregnant woman has unprotected sex, can she get pregnant again?

    10. Do pregnant women need to use protection?

    11. Is it safe to masturbate when pregnant?

    12. Can sex start labor?

    13. Is there a best time to have sex during a pregnancy?

    14. Is anal sex OK?

    15. What’s the best position?

    16. How soon after the baby is born can you have sex?

    17. Is there a time when you shouldn’t have sex?

    18. Is it normal to have crazy sex dreams?