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18 Things About Sex While Pregnant You Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask

Can you bump with a bump?

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2. What about rough sex?

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Pregnancy is not a great time for rough or vigorous sex because it may damage the vagina or cervix. However, if rough sex is your thing, it may still be fine if your doctor gives you the go-ahead. The general rule on this and all things related to sex and pregnancy is that you should talk to your doctor before trying something!


3. Can a man's penis hit the baby in the head?


It wouldn't matter if the man were Dirk Diggler, there is no way for a penis to hit the baby in the head or anywhere else. There are a couple major reasons for this. First, the baby is protected by the rigid cervix, uterus, and amniotic fluid. Second, the penis angles below the baby during sex, not at it.

6. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to receive oral sex?


Oral sex with a partner who is free of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) is safe except for one caveat: The "giver" should never blow air into the vagina. Your partner probably doesn't do this anyway, but if they did there's the chance it could cause an air embolism, which could "travel to the lung and have potentially fatal consequences.”


8. Can the baby feel it when you have sex?

The baby may be lightly jostled (and slightly squeezed if you orgasm), but that happens when you climb the stairs. Also, in case you were wondering, the baby has absolutely no idea what you are doing and is blissfully ignorant in its cocoon of amniotic fluid.

10. Do pregnant women need to use protection?

If your partner is 100% faithful to you and STD-free, there is no reason to use protection. If, however, you aren't sure about your partner or are sexually active with new partners, you need to use condoms to protect against STDs. Ask your doctor what condoms are safe during pregnancy.

12. Can sex start labor?

Some will advise full-term pregnant women who want to go into labor to have sex, but it is unclear if it will actually start labor. Sex will, however, cause contractions that could possibly be strong enough to trigger actual labor.


13. Is there a best time to have sex during a pregnancy?

The second trimester is generally the most enjoyable time for women because they're experiencing less morning sickness, but aren't yet as uncomfortable as they will be in the third trimester. Also, increased blood flow to the pelvic area means it's not uncommon to experience intense orgasms.

14. Is anal sex OK?

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Hemorrhoids and constipation are common during pregnancy, so many women aren't interested. However, anal sex itself is probably safe so long as you never go from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning up first, because you could risk a vaginal infection, which can be dangerous to you and the pregnancy.

15. What’s the best position?

Missionary can be uncomfortable and even dangerous late in a pregnancy, but other positions, like "spooning," "hands and knees," and especially "women on top" (because it allows the woman to control the speed and depth of penetration) work well.

18. Is it normal to have crazy sex dreams?


Crazy sex dreams are totally normal and common during pregnancy. This is partly because of raised estrogen levels and the fact women get up often in the night and therefore remember their dreams more easily. Don't let it unsettle you (it's normal!) no matter how crazy your dreams may be!


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