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    18 Photos People Recreated From Their Childhood That Are So Hilariously Pure

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. These sisters who went from little mamas to literal mamas:

    thinkingcloset / Via

    2. This woman who has been in a lifelong relationship with bread:

    freymes / Via

    3. This funny guy who recreated this Disney memory right down to the exact outfit:

    4. This brother and sister whose recreation was almost as cute as the original:

    its_h_kirkham / Via

    5. And this equally cute brother and sister pair whose photos came with an epic cameo from mom:

    heidionthevine / Via

    6. Speaking of cameos — the dog in these winter-loving sibs' recreation doesn't look like he's aged a bit!

    7. This hilarious crew that absolutely nailed recreating their little kid expressions:

    sharonanchen / Via

    8. Ditto for this funny crew (and shoutout to the "baby" for really going for it):

    kja4658 / Via

    9. This father and son who proved that the more things change the more they stay the same:

    ayalaguillermo / Via

    10. And this father and daughter who will melt your heart:

    amyatomica / Via

    11. And, OK, one more:

    _vickistreet / Via

    12. These brothers, who swapped hairstyles:

    palais_papineau / Via

    13. These still sassy sibs (please note Spider-man in the second photo):

    14. These sibs who have been waiting for their food a LONG time, LOL:

    sellitbattousai / Via

    15. This guitar pickin' clan:

    smilin_jay_mcdowell / Via

    16. These country girls:

    amykneale / Via

    17. These siblings who did a lot of growing in 14 years:

    sudheerbobby6 / Via

    18. And this guy who blessed us all with this recreation:

    drdougshafer / Via

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