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23 Hilariously Epic Fail Tweets Jimmy Fallon Read On "The Tonight Show"

Whatever fail you've committed, it wasn't as awkward as these.

1. This husband who will have you cringing so hard:

2. And this girl whose dress ended up a major #PromFail:

3. Then there's this girl, whose dress wasn't the problem, lol:

4. This dad's #WeddingFail will give you secondhand embarrassment:

5. But maybe not as much as this dad:

6. Or this poor dad (and daughter):

7. To be fair, dads aren't the only ones committing facepalm-worthy wedding fails:

8. Photographers do it:

9. Guests do it:

10. And even kids do it:

11. Then there's this co-worker, who will probably want to quit ASAP:

12. Ditto for this mom:

13. This lady's work fail was very cringeworthy too:

14. Amazingly, this guy isn't described as an "ex-boyfriend" after this #VacationFail:

15. Speaking of vacation fails, this one raises questions:

16. And this one will make parents want to stay at home:

17. A lot of people really don't know how to use email:

18. Sometimes it's because they don't know the lingo:

19. Other times it's because they have a gasp-inducing brain fail:

20. Hey, fails happen to the best of us:

21. Even when you have plans to do better:

22. Or the best of intentions, LOLOLOLOL:

23. Here's one last fail for the road — don't do this with your babies, people: