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    These Dad Joke Memes Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    What do the Foo Fighters order at a Chinese restaurant? Egg Grohls.

    Dads are required by law to love a good play on words — especially one that makes people groan.


    So it's with great pleasure that we introduce dads (and everyone else) to Betty WhiteSnake, an Instagram account that specializes in uploading original, groan-tastic memes.

    They made Dave Grohl into a Food Fighter:

    Mashed up Pixar and the other Jackson sister:

    Envisioned Dennis Rodman as lunch:

    Paid tribute to "Kim" and Kanye:

    Imagined a clinic that needs more cowbell:

    Combined two of New Zealand's finest creations:

    Riffed on Seinfeld:

    Combined ScarJo and the "MMMBop" brothers:

    And tweaked HIMYM to perfection:

    Are you groaning yet?

    You've got to be groaning, right?

    BuzzFeed reached out to Betty WhiteSnake and learned that the account is run by a two-person team from Brooklyn that wants to remain anonymous.

    I'd want to remain anonymous too if I made an "escargot shorts" pun. Just kidding, Betty WhiteSnake!

    The duo was cagey about whether they're dads IRL, but they had no problem admitting their memes are dad jokes.

    "We absolutely makes dad jokes," Betty WhiteSnake told BuzzFeed. "In fact, if you go back and look at every meme we've ever made, you will often find we tagged them #dadjoke."

    Before we continue, let it be said: If they aren't dads, they have a staggering grasp of the dad joke art form.

    And it is an art form.

    Like, seriously staggering.

    I mean, come on!

    I can only imagine how loud you're groaning right now.

    The team behind the memes says their creative process is pretty simple.

    "Basically we sit around, drink domestic beers and scribble ideas on the dry erase board in our shared art studio until something undeniably sublime like Lil BowWowhaus appears like a gift from the Meme-Lords."

    They're also okay with you being a little angry with them right now.

    "Even if you like what we do, deep down you feel a sense of shame, and we like it that way," Betty WhiteSnake says.

    You can follow Betty WhiteSnake on Instagram.

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