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    These Are The Back-To-School Trends People Are Pinning Like Crazy

    How many of these have you pinned?

    Huzzah! Pinterest just released its annual Back-to-School Report, which shines a light on the most popular back-to-school trends on the site.

    So what back-to-school stuff are people most interested in this year? Here are 12 of the year's top trends:

    1. Pre-planning outfits for the week has been searched and saved a lot β€” up 47% over last year!

    2. Hair accessories organization and bow holders β€” like the one below β€” are up 20%.

    3. Drop zones for your kids' stuff β€” like this garage mudroom β€” are up 48% over last year.

    4. Painted rocks may sound kind of random, but they're up 220%!

    5. Scrabble tiles β€” up 73% over last year β€” are being used for a lot of back-to-school activities (like this magnet board).

    6. Breakfasts to go β€” like these egg muffin cups (which are up 40% over last year) β€” are getting Pinned left and right.

    7. School lunches in a pocket β€” like these drool-worthy taco pop tarts β€” are up 47% over last year.

    8. Lunch kabobs β€” up 67% β€” are another much-searched alternative to the usual school lunch.

    9. Pizzadillas are also popular β€” up 77%!

    10. Car activities β€” like this word building travel kit β€” are also popular this year (up 50%).

    11. Stress-relieving thinking putty is up 55% over last year.

    12. Finally, child meditation and yoga are up 25%.

    Check out Pinterest's Back to School 2017 board for more fun back to school ideas.