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These Are The Most Expensive Things You Can Buy Your Kid On Etsy

From ridiculously expensive to "What were they thinking?"

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5. Tree Branch Bookshelf — $2,450

Why it might be worth it: It's handmade and, according to the seller, a "well-chosen statement piece" that gives "an ordinary room some professionally decorated flair." Get it here.

6. Beetlejuice Family Costume Set — $2,900

Why it might be worth it: The seller says, "These are the costumes I made for my family for Halloween 2012. This picture spread pretty quickly throughout the Internet (including on BuzzFeed) and declared us the winners of Halloween!" Get the set here.

7. Custom Changing Table — $4,100

Why it might be worth it: The changing table is made from solid wood, comes with engravings customized to your specifications, and can be used for a dresser or TV stand when your child grows up. Get it here.


15. Spaceship Bed — $13,900

Why it might be worth it: This bed, according to the seller, features "a unique design that allows the mattress to be raised to create extra play space during the day." Order one here.


22. Valentino Beanie Baby — $100,000

Why it might be worth it: The seller says this is one of the six most sought after Beanie Babies ever produced. It is a first edition, in mint condition, and comes with several tag flaws. Get it here.