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    17 Funny Tweets That Prove Human Sexuality Is Weird

    Whatever floats your boat, Tweeps.

    1. This guy who's into what you can do with your hands:

    I'm physically attracted to this handwriting

    2. This woman whose attraction to a tanned Ryan Reynolds took her down a rabbit hole:

    Ryan Reynolds looks kind of orange and suddenly I'm wondering if I'm attracted to Oompa Loompas & citrus bc I'm still down #GoldenGlobes

    3. This LOL-tastically valid question:

    4. This whale of a turn-on:

    What should we call this one? Humpback whale. How about this one? Sperm whale. You're attracted to whales aren't you, Fred? Yep.

    5. This guy whose turn-ons aren't what you'd expect:

    6. This girl who, well, I'll let you read for yourself:

    why am i attracted to the fox from zootopia

    To be fair, he does have some serious swagger.


    7. And this admission that must be seen to be bee-lieved:

    I'm sexually attracted to the nasonex bee

    Sorry, Christine, but the bee's not as hot as the Zootopia fox, IMOP.


    8. This guy who is apparently into bondage...and lobsters?

    If I were a lobster the rubber bands would just turn me on to be honest.

    9. This woman who REALLY likes Star Wars (if you know what I mean):

    I get turned on by people who make Star Wars references. I'm C3PO-sexual.

    10. This valid commentary on someone else’s unusual turn-on:

    11. This list of turn-ons (also, samesies about the murder, Katya):

    Hi I'm Katie, my turn-ons include smoking, scrunchies, science & S-E-X. Don't like rude men, very loud trucks, murder or crowded libraries.

    12. This guy who really, really likes infrastructure:

    "Turn ons include: romantic walks across sturdy bridges and non-crumbling roads." #infrastructureissexy

    13. This one that will make you say, "Pretty much":

    Graduate from college and all of a sudden you're turned on by stainless steel appliances and sales on organic food at Trader Joe's

    14. This guy whose mind took this ad to a strange place:

    Yes, next time I want to have sex with a muppet of myself I will DEFINITELY do it in a Travelodge.

    15. This gamer who is really excited by his new game:

    16. You didn't think we'd get through this post without a foot guy, did you?

    WOMAN: guys suck GUY: ugh I know right? guys are the worst. except me haha. i am good and nice. can you send me pics of ur feet?

    17. And lastly, this guy whose jaw dropped over this raccoon:

    i'm losing my mind over these buttcheeks ... this raccoon DUMB thicc

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